How to loyalty in your job

Seven in ten workers are satisfied with their current jobs, but most of them still hunt for new openings, says a survey by CareerBuilder India.

The survey findings indicate that job satisfaction may not necessarily equal job loyalty.

While 71 per cent of employees report being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” in their jobs, more than 63 per cent say they regularly look for new opportunities, the survey said.

As the future of the economy is looking positive, there are many opportunities coming up for job seekers and the scenario looks even better going forward, it added.

“In this situation, job satisfaction will always be a subjective thing which may change and differ from employee to employee,” CareerBuilder India MD Premlesh Machama said.

For some, job satisfaction may be linked to job content, for others, it may be linked to job roles and for many, it may be linked to earnings, he added.

Of the workers who feel satisfied in their jobs, most (59 per cent) said their salary contributes to their feelings of fulfilment at work.

Other reasons contributing to high satisfaction include job title, good work and life balance, ability to innovate, training and learning opportunities, benefits, feeling valued, defined career path and flexibility, the survey said.

“As the labour market opens up and new opportunities arise, workers are beginning to consider their options – three in five workers regularly look for new opportunities despite being satisfied,” CareerBuilder Chief Human Resources Officer Rosemary Haefner said.

The nationwide online survey of more than 1,000 employees looked at worker satisfaction as it pertains to work and life balance, career advancement and learning opportunities as well as factors that have the biggest impact on job satisfaction.